Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

I am gradually transferring my current website across to this host, so it may be a little broken-up until completed.

My galleries will include landscapes in pastel, landscapes in oils,  floral and still life work in a variety of media; and experimental pieces.

I have been painting for almost fifty years, beginning in 1974 in local art-groups, expanding my interests and trying other media. Oils and pastels remain my main two choices but I am open to experimental "playtime", switching between acrylics, inks, and even occasional monotype work.

Pastel and oil landscape themes are primarily representational, taken often from my home county but also those nearby; plus places that I visit further afield. Floral subjects can be simple 'portrait' style or arrangements in containers. 

The experimental paintings are a sideline to my usual pastel pictures. They are created purely for my own interest, although a few may be exhibited and sold. The paintings explore colour interaction and application to surface with painting knife, silicon spreader tools or brush. I particularly like squares and rectangles. Light use of cold wax allows oils to be applied and removed in interesting ways. Most paintings tend to be small works, not often exceeding 50 x 40cm (20x16 inches). I use canvas-board, canvas, and oil-paper; also various watercolour papers if using acrylic ink. I have a preference for oils for these paintings, but do also use heavy-body acrylic for some. I don't put limits on what I use.